Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Denying The Denying Denial

We all mean well, but sometimes we don't do well.  Take for instance, leading (raising) children.  Too often parents say that they love their children so much they refuse to deny them anything. 

As some trendy folks say: Epic FAIL!

The problem is, that very action denies them something critically important - vital, actually.  When giving children everything they want, you actually deny them the character-building benefit of struggle - of effort and work and sacrifice.  Without those experiences, they are denied what creates an appreciation for achievement. 

By making it easy to have their desires, there is no reason to have  discipline or a good work ethic.  This is why many young people these days are viewed as spoiled, lazy, unappreciative slackers - the natural consequences of being raised in an unchallenging environment.  They become weak-minded by having most true work "denied" them.

If only those enablers cared enough about them to deny them.

Likewise, in the workplace, bosses inappropriately deny their employees challenges that would strengthen them and make them more able, healthy, productive, and ultimately satisfied.  Growing loyalty and passion will never come from giving employees everything they desire.  It comes from challenging them to achieve something worthwhile that is j-u-s-t beyond their ability - and involving them in the struggle to grow towards the solution.

As difficult as it may be to allow them to "stumble" and feel the pain of (temporary) defeat, in the long run, you are truly helping them.

And isn't that what you do for anyone you genuinely care about?

Think about it.  But more importantly, do something about it...today! 

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