Monday, December 31, 2012

May Your New Year Be Revolting

Instead of making this new year a continuation of your same old typical routine (make lame resolutions, trudge along and settle), why not try something a little different...and possibly better?

Make it revolting.

Yes, that sounds strange.  But think of it this way:

Life changes.  Your lifestyle choices should change along with your continuously refining priorities and preferences.  You are not the same person you were 10 years ago - or even last year.  Why continue with the same (tired) approach to planning/living out your life? 

Instead, try taking a stand and revolting against anything that is holding you back from achieving your true potential!  Get righteously indignant!!  Be bold!!

Try something (ANYthing!) you've never tried.  This year, refuse to go through the motions of the usual New Year's Resolutions - and commit to a New Year's REVOLUTION!

Let go of the fear of failure and leap into something with a beginner's learning attitude.  (When was the last time you actually learned something NEW?)  Let go of being the poised, mature adult and experiment in a brand new arena.  Pick something you've always wanted to try, but "haven't gotten around to".  In fact, PLAN/TAKE ACTION on exploring things you haven't even considered.  You may discover a talent or interest you never knew - because you never experimented with that topic/hobby/pastime before.

Think of what amazing experiences are out there just waiting for you to take action!  The world is BURSTING with possibilities!  The Internet alone allows you access to limitless options.  Imagine what you can achieve!

But it all begins with YOU.  Are you willing to start a revolution this year?  You may find your efforts become the catalyst for that breakthrough you've been hungering for all these years.

Think about it.  But more importantly, do something about!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Finding and Aligning To Your Purpose

I often get asked what the most important thing I've learned from spending 3 decades at Disney and other Fortune 500 companies.  Here is my answer - and a practical tool you can use toward the end:

Many thoughtlessly say that "Less is more".  This is not true.  More is more.  But that isn't the point.  Because "more" is not always better.  Better is better.  Period.

So, how do you make your life better?  By NOT wasting time on things that don't add value to you.  You've been settling for FAR too long - and with the new year approaching, this is a good time to prepare for your long-overdue breakthrough!

So, where do you begin?  How do you identify what "better" is for your life?

The complication is that Life gets full of distractions when we aren't crystal clear on our purpose and we end up saying "yes" to things that eat up our time and don't fully serve who we really are.

The proven solution is to get more focused on what you (a unique person with a unique purpose) should uniquely be doing to realize the unique reasons you are alive.  The challenge with this (and the reason more people aren't successfully living the life of their dreams) is that it requires the combination of THREE things:
  • What are you good at (your "natural" talents)?
  • What do you love (your passions that make you happy to lose track of time)?
  • What does the world need (and values enough to pay for)?
Take some time to clearly identify these three things.  Discuss with people that know you well and want you to be healthy, happy, and successful. When you can identify where these three areas overlap and take action to focus most/all your time there, I promise, you will see everything in your life get much better.  

Finally, when do you begin?  "Now" is almost ALWAYS the best time to start your breakthrough chapter.

Think about it.  But more importantly, do something about!