Saturday, May 29, 2010

Measuring Time = Measuring Life

It is a common tradition to take stock of our lives every New Years. Seems natural - the beginning of a new year and all. But assessing our life just once a year also seems way too long between reviews. Not nearly enough feedback in between checks.

So I started doing a mid-year check-in with myself as well (about this time of year.) That's when everything started to change for the better. Started seeing some improvements over the once-a-year reviews. So I started once a quarter. Then once a month. Then once a week.

Now I conduct once a day assessments of where I am and how am I moving forward RE: my big life goals/bucket list.

Don't get me wrong - I'm NOT a number-crunching, "sadistics" kinda guy. Still not. Quite the opposite. Plus, it always weirded me out when people focused so much on measuring things in their life. Many people get so focused on the measuring process, they take their attention away from the real life-living part. What a shame.

But I came to realize that measuring something doesn't make it less "natural" - as long as the reason for measuring it stays the primary focus. The point is that, once I identify a goal (or goals) that are aligned with my values, talents, and passion (my purpose), then the more I stay aligned with that path, the more fulfilled I will be as ME.

It's really all about making more (often) informed choices. When is that ever a bad thing? Plus, seeing changes in the direction of your goal - even small improvements - is encouraging, and motivates me to stay the course/make even more improvements.

Not a bad tactic, actually.

It takes some getting used to, but it can actually make a transformative difference in the amount of LIFE you have in your life.

Think about it. But more importantly, do something about!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Hungry Dog Hunts Best

Hall of Fame golfer Lee Trevino once said "A hungry dog hunts best." Ever since my mother became friends with Lee a few decades ago, I've enjoyed his earthy way of being both fun and, at times, profound. This quote is a great example.

Over the past couple of years, both clients and colleagues have been asking me about how to thrive in these difficult times. I'm happy to help, but I also know challenging times should serve as a powerful reminder about what balance and good business health really is.

Whether in the physical sense or in the business sense, I've found that I actually enjoy being a little bit hungry at all times. Being extremely hungry? Definitely not! But even when everything is going fan-freaking-tastic, I strongly believe being a little hungry is healthy.

Being hungry reminds me of what's important. It keeps me aware and focused. It keeps me lean and agile. Being hungry keeps me needing to be ever more creative with my use of resources. It builds discipline. Finally, being a little hungry makes me appreciate that I'm not extremely hungry.

I encourage you to embrace hunger a little more today. Then stretch it to a week. Then a month. Then make it a lifestyle. I believe you'll be healthier as a result.

Think about it. But more importantly, do something about!