Saturday, December 26, 2009

Getting Experienced...In A Good Way

As a collector of quotes - and life experiences - I just came across an aphorism by Louis L'Amour that is my current favorite: "You can't learn anything from experiences you're not having".

So much meaning. So few words.

Business life is too often full of mere talk. People analyze and study and discuss and have meetings and argue and write reports and present and talk some more...and wonder why nothing gets done!

In order to get new results, we have to "do new". "New" requires learning. Learning requires engagement. Engagement requires action. In short: Having experiences.

Ironically, the most successful people are those that take action before there's a 99% chance of success. They leap earlier - 80%? - and learn along the way. This earns them a competitive edge.

The key? That edge is NOT just the results of the action. What creates the real edge is their experience...what they gained from actually taking action.

It's an edge that can be realized no other way.

So, connect the dots for yourself this year. Step out in a way that you never have before - and experience more...learn more...grow more.

You'll soon see it makes all the difference in the world.

And your world will never be the same.

Isn't that what you want? A better life?

Go out and get some more a good way! ;)

Think about it, but more importantly do something about!