Monday, January 26, 2009

Stopping The Pain

What does it take to finally take action and really stop the pain - for the long term? In the face of this economic downturn, companies are resorting to issuing layoffs in a desperate attempt to stay solvent.

The shame of it all? It won't help them.

Layoffs are short-term reactions that create long-term problems.

World-class companies know that in times of crisis, real character is not built - it is revealed. The true colors of a leader is evident in times such as these. If they say "people are our most important resource" and then opt to lay them off, their lack of integrity is there for all to see.

And employees (current or future) will remember.

Even employees who are left working after the layoff will remember...and the natural consequence is "survivor's guilt", lack of trust in the company, a focus on self (preservation) rather than the team...the list goes on.

The more effective option is to engage the employees in creating (and, therefore, owning) the solution. Focus on "your most valuable resource" guiding themselves out of this mess. With the right processes/tools, innovation leading to success in the face of these situations build teamwork/success.

And, yes, they will remember this too. You will enjoy the natural consequences of that. Nice.

Think about it...but more importantly, act on!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

FINALLY Bring Your Goals To Life!

Okay, it's a new year and we all want to have a new/better life. BlahBlahBlah... Let's cut to the chase: What do the most successful people do to consistently achieve their goals - even in difficult times?

No, they aren't superhuman and they do not have better resources/opportunities (at least before they started realizing their goals), they just do what ordinary people will not: THEY STOP SETTLING!

The most successful leaders/organizations simply don't settle for anything less than excellent. They make a real commitment (not just some temporary "resolution") and take real action - not settle for merely talking about action items or plans to act. Every success began with a single step - a call, an email, a conversation with someone or connection with something that could help exceed typical results and get extraordinary results.

A true breakthrough starts with a real investment of yourself to connect with proven approaches to success - not some lame "law of attraction" psycho-babble. "Wishing" is not a legitimate business strategy.

Contrary to common belief, the first step is NOT being aware that you want to be better. Awareness (and "wishing") doesn't count - we all want to improve. The real first step is doing something - taking physical action!

Identify someone who has earned success and physically contact them - ask them how they did it. Don't settle for just telling people about your plans - show them by doing.

So...stop reading right now and start doing...right now!

Oh, and have a Happy New Year too. (and by "Happy", I mean "kick-ss successful")

Think about it...but more importantly, act on!