Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pixar Magic Can Be YOUR Magic!

You may have heard about Pixar's recent accomplishments: Record-breaking attendance for IMAX; Unprecedented 11th straight #1 box office opening week. Stunning!

The interesting thing is that Pixar is not achieving this by accident. Here are the steps that YOU can follow to get the same amazing results:

Begin with Your Story. What are your foundational Values? Your primary Vision? The deep-down wants of your Customer? With Pixar, EVERY decision is measured against these three things. Until you clearly identify and communicate these issues, you WILL waste time, effort, and money.

Set the Stage. Innovate rather than imitate. Your organization is unique. Don't copy what other world-class companies do. Instead, copy how they THINK - and then apply that process to your unique situation. Continuous improvement by doing what makes the most sense for YOU is the key.

Recruit the Cast. Taking your business to the next level is achieved only via your employees. In addition to the "stars" that are thew role models for your business, consider actively engaging those who are unhappy with your current outcomes. For Toy Story 3, Pixar gathered all the "black sheep" who had been complaining about how things needed to be improved and put them to work to accomplish that task. Give your malcontents a chance to "put up or shut up"!

Now, go out there and do something unprecedented!

Think about it - but more importantly, DO something about it...today!