Monday, October 22, 2012

Being A Sore...Winner?

No one wants to be a "sore loser" - a term we've all heard since childhood.  It describes a person who is hurt because they lost.

I'm in the midst of a big move - daily lugging heavy boxes (thousands of books!) and other assorted heavy items - and I've been sore every day for the past 3 weeks.  As the muscles throughout my body scream in revolt, something occurred to me:

Have you ever thought of anyone being a "sore winner"? 

Winners achieve as a result of hard work.  Hard work stretches your abilities.  This is why winners who are consistently successful are constantly striving to grow and improve - keeping them on top.

The natural consequence of pushing your capabilities is pain.  It is a pain that most people are not willing to endure.  When you talk with successful people, they will admit that the sacrifices made to achieve their goals hurt, but it was worth it. 

Every winner is sore, you just won't hear them whining about it.  Even when they (temporarily) lose, they understand that it is part of the progression (investment) towards ultimately winning. An investment that requires commitment, courage, and tenacity.  It is these three things that allow a winner to face the inevitable discomfort and gut through what it takes to realize their goals.

So, in the midst of all the challenges you are facing today - are you willing to be a sore...winner?

Think about it.  But more importantly, do something about!