Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Priorities Get Done

Most of us wish we got more done during a typical day.  Specifically, more of the right things (and less of the wrong things...but that's another blog entry!)  Anyway, the truth of the matter is this: We do what we most want to do.

[Enter howls of pained disagreement here]

Don't believe me?  If you can find one person (just one!) who is getting as much as you want to do, then it is possible.  The problem is that you are not doing what it takes to get it all done.

Studying the most successful people shows a very interesting pattern:
  1. They are crystal clear about what they want to accomplish and why
  2. They say "no" to (almost) everything that doesn't include #1
  3. They prioritize the things that they want to accomplish
What makes this interesting to me is that all three depend on each other to work.  Here's a litmus test: Create a common hypothetical action - something like "see a doctor".  If that action is important enough, you will make it happen.  Period.

Okay, now most people start creating hypothetical excuses: What if I get a flat tire?  What if my boss calls me on the phone?  What if...?

If it is truly a priority, then you would make it happen.  While we're dealing in hypotheticals, why not consider THESE situations: What if it was a life or death doctor's visit for a loved one?  What if I lost my life savings if I didn't go?  What if I was getting a million dollar check by making that appointment?  Yep, "magically", you'd be able to make that doctor appointment.  You'd do whatever it took to arrange everything else to make SURE that you were there.

Because it was that important to you.

If you want things done, make them enough of a priority to push less important things out of the picture.  If they truly are not a priority, then work them out of your life.  (Yes, you CAN do that.)  With a little extra effort (of the right kind), you may find that YOU are the role model for getting things done!

Think about it.  But more importantly, do something about!

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