Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Thinking Big...And Long!

"Go big or go home".  I love that saying.  It stirs a desire to be brave, take action and attempt dramatic goals to achieve amazing results.

But risk-taking alone does not often end up with results that are sustainable.  For that you need to include a more long-term, strategic approach as well.

Thinking big and long requires a solid understanding of the fundamentals of success - proven considerations such as:

  • exceeding the customer's expectations
  • consistency in delivery of service by employees
  • effective teamwork
  • an internal culture of excellence, integrity, and passion
  • leaders who model appropriate behavior
  • establishing non-negotiable core values, vision, and standards
  • balancing decisions based on employees, customers, and financial/operational outcomes

Everyone wants success - but they also want that success to be long-term.  When deciding actions to grow your organization, only the best leaders/businesses demand both the long-term sustainable elements as well as the continuous efforts to aggressively strive for "game-changing" ideas that will WOW customers, engage employees, and produce growth and results everyone can be proud of.

Imagine the difference if everyone legitimately pursued world-class excellence.

Think about it.  But more importantly, do something about!

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